Dear Prospective Applicant:

To the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation (GBHCMF), a “healthy community” offers its residents access to a good education, quality medical and spiritual services, a safe environment, and an efficient and trustworthy local government. To accomplish these goals, GBHCMF invests in community organizations that provide or strengthen health care. GBHCMF carefully considers its Mission when investing in community programs and remains committed to the ideal of Christian service to those living in Georgia.

GBHCMF uses this application process to encourage the development of new ideas and to nurture the innovation of the nonprofit organizations in the region. Completed applications also serve to educate the Board of Trustees and staff of GBHCMF about the work of local organizations and are warmly received.

While GBHCMF has been blessed with the stewardship of significant monetary resources, these assets pale in comparison to the abundant needs in local communities. As a result, applications submitted for consideration are subjected to a very competitive process. This is not intended to deter potential applicants but to fully disclose that, more often than not, the number of worthy grant proposals received for each grant cycle exceeds the funding capability of GBHCMF.

Specific instructions for completing an application are included on the accompanying pages and are provided to encourage your ideas for making the state of Georgia a better place in which to live and work. Each of us plays a role in making Georgia a healthier community. We look forward to receiving your concepts, suggestions, program ideas, and recommendations. Thank you for your interest in the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation.


Dr. J. Robert White
President and CEO