GBHCMF utilizes a formal review process to ensure that every grant application is thoroughly and fairly considered. The review process is comprehensive and involves several steps. A summary of the review process is provided in this section.

Step 1

A letter is sent to each applicant acknowledging receipt of the grant application. The grant application is reviewed for technical completeness to determine whether it includes all of the required materials, meets the minimum funding requirements, and falls within the geographic area. Grant applications that meet these requirements are accepted for review.

Generally, a grant application accepted for review is evaluated within 60 to 90 days of the application deadline.

Step 2

GBHCMF program staff review the grant applications recommended for consideration from the previous step. These applications are then submitted to the Grants Committee for consideration.

Step 3

The Grants Committee of the Board of Trustees reviews the grant applications referred from Step 2. The Grants Committee determines which grant applications will be recommended to the Board of Trustees.

Step 4

The Board of Trustees reviews the grant applications and Grants Committee recommendations. Every grant application approved by the Board of Trustees has a “conditional” status until a formal Award Agreement is negotiated. Each grant applicant is notified in writing of the decision of the Board of trustees. This decision is final.


Grant Application/Funding Timeline

Sept. 1-15 Grant Application Submission
Sept. 16 – Nov. 30 GBHCMF Review Process
Dec. 1-15 Conditional Approval and Denial Letters Mailed
Dec. 15 – Jan. 31 Budget & Objective Development Review and Acceptance
Feb. 1-15 Award Agreement Complete
Feb. 16-28 Issuance of First Grant Payment